With TravelwithTaliya Group Trips LLC, you have the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people, while financing your vacations through INTEREST FREE payment plans! Stop waiting on your friends to finally see the world, on these trips you'll meet likeminded inviduals who all want to explore and adventure as much as you! Everything is taken care of in advance, so all you have to do is show up and I'll lead the way, leaving you stress free to enjoy your trip. 

Every trip will have a different theme, and each day will have planned activities, however, you will always have free time to yourself or to explore with other travelers. You will always have a perfect balance of free time to explore, group excursions, and social outings.

Our motto is "Travel like a local, not a tourist." We truly value learning the culture, food, music, and people in all of the places I travel.

Both domestic and international trips will be available, and all trips are solo traveler and couple friendly!


Our mission is for people to get out of their comfort zone, and give people the opportunity to see the world and maximize their time on vacation while doing so. Everyone wants to travel, but what holds them back the most is not having friends or family who can or want to go with them. Being apart of a travel group with people who all want to do the same things as you, is the solution to that issue! Because everything is planned in advance, there's no "hassle" that comes with group travel.

Everyone here arrives as strangers, but leaves as lifetime friends and travel buddies. 



Hey everyone! My name is Taliya, the organizer and host of TWT. To date, I have traveled to 19 countries and 14 states. I backpacked through South America for three months, and Central America as well. I lived in both Puerto Rico and Spain, explored Europe for four months, and experienced working, volunteering, and studying abroad. For three years, I ran a travel agency, organizing incredible vacations all across the globe. After noticing that people often put their dreams of travel on hold to wait for their friends and family's to join, I decided to create a group travel company. With this company, I am able use my experiences to organize super exciting, stress free, vacations, while allowing everyone the fair opportunity to have affordable and lifechanging travel experiences.