50 Essentials for Your Road Trip: The Ultimate Packing List

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We at T WORLD TOURS understand how it feels to crave a quick getaway. Lie under the stars, breathe fresh air, surround oneself with lush, beatific scenery and views of places unspoiled by city pollution and typicality.

As COVID-19 continues to halt most international travel, domestic options don't have to be inaccessible. Many travelers are simply loading up their vehicles and taking roads to new places unexplored. A road trip is the perfect solution to taking yourself and perhaps the rest of your household on a peaceful quarantine-friendly vacation.

Check out our extensive list of items not to forget on your road trip!

For your car:

These are absolute essentials for your car. Not only will these items come in handy if you are ever pulled over, they will provide maximum comfort and ease of access.

 1. License and registration
2. Car insurance policy
3. Extra keys
In case you ever lose the first, or are locked out of your vehicle! Sometimes, people have found themselves passing along a spare for security purposes.
4. Spare tire + jack
5. Emergency toolkit
6. Flashlight
7. Phone mount
8. Jumper cables
9. Car fluid


For you:

Items to keep on your person, be it for entertainment, or handy tools and gadgets to keep you aligned and focused.

 10. Phone
A built-in calculator, compass, GPS, communicator and more. Your phone is, of course, the most important thing to have handy! However, it also requires power, so we included a few additional items on this list, just in case. Don't forget a nice, offline playlist as well.
11. Water bottle 
12. Blankets and pillows 
13. First aid kit (ESSENTIAL)
Please ensure that the first aid kit is fully stocked!
14. Map (Just incase you lose your phone or signal!)
15. Dental products
Can't forget our toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss!
16. Hair products
17. Washcloths and soap
18. Hair products
Dry shampoo. Conditioner. Hair ties. Combs. Brushes. For our curly-haired men and women, this means bringing along a spray bottle as well as products that are extra moisturizing to protect your hair during the trip!
19. Washcloths and soap
20. Sunscreen and lip balm
21. Insect repellent 
22. Toilet paper
23. Emergency Money
This may seem obvious, but losing wallets is extremely common while traveling. Stash some extra cash and back up debit/credit cards in your vehicle so you're prepared for anything!

Notebook and pen (You're going to want a little travel journal to document your journey!)

25. Camera
26. Day pack

For our hikers, road trips are a perfect opportunity to go to the off-beaten trail for new and intriguing places to hike. Settle in a deep valley, pitch a tent, and make your way through the best nature has to offer.

A waterproof day pack is preferred just incase you get caught in crazy weather during one of your hikes!

27. Offline music playlist
28. Self-defense weapon
Criminals may target those on long trips, as your vehicles are often stocked with your most coveted possessions. Always remain vigilant.
29. Multi-tool
Whether you are prying open canned food, or filing your nails, a multi-tool is a must.
30. Portable charger(s)
Powerbanks are capable of charging phones and even iPads multiple times in a row! It's a smart idea to invest in one for long trips. 
31. Umbrella
32. Portable wi-fi
33. Travel games
Especially if you are with others. These can make the time fly by.
34. Travel mug
35. Hand sanitizer
36. Flip flops/Crocs
Even your feet will need a break once and while!
37. Body wipes
38. Garbage bags
39. Snacks
40. Window shades
41. Painkillers/medicine
You'll thank us later!
42. Feminine products
For our ladies on the go, we heard that Diva Cups are quite useful!
43. Travel insurance
44. Books
When you get an opportunity to have some peace and quiet, there's nothing like cracking open a nice book to take you to other worlds unexplored, or to inspire and motivate you. Check out our suggestions for books to read right here on this blog.
45. Camping tools
46. Sunglasses
47. Phone car chargers
48. Duct tape
Even today, duct tape reigns supreme as the ultimate all-purpose tool.
49. Cooler
50. Spare clothes for any event (Who knows when the next time you will do laundry will be!)

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