T World Tours is a luxury group travel company specializing in hosting unique & unforgettable experiences worldwide.

The way we travel maximizes your time and experience to the complete fullest, all without you having to lift a finger. Everything from the accommodations, airport transportation, activities, transfers, covid tests, and all that fits in between is curated for you in one package!

If you're looking to get out of your comfort zone, network with likeminded people, and experience a more fun, immersive and easy way to see the world - these group trips are for you!

And don't worry, you'll still have free time to do your own thing, too.

Whether you come alone, with your partner, or with a group; you will leave with lifelong friends from around the globe and crazy travel stories you can share!



If you've planned or led a group vacation, you know that it is nowhere near easy. We take the hassle out of group travel by taking care of all the hard parts for you. Your only job is to show up, relax, and have the time of your life with your new friends.

Our itineraries are perfectly balanced with free time and scheduled activities, a mix of classic highlights, and most importantly the local gems you can't find online.

Thanks to our outgoing trip leaders, you can experience an epic group vacation without the stress that comes with group vacations!

To assure that everyone is comfortable being in a new space with new people, each trip is crafted with the guests wants and needs in mind. Whether you've never left the country, or are a seasoned traveler; our trips are created specifically for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy. 


Taliya Maya D. (TravelwithTaliya)

TravelwithTaliya, the CEO and main host, created T World Tours as a way to get people out of their comfort zone and out to see the world, all while expanding their network. Through her extensive experience working within the travel industry, she wanted to counter the most common reason people waited to start traveling - Not having people to travel with. 



Her wanderlust lifestyle started in high school after she discovered her love for travel. At only 17, she created a travel agency crafting unique vacations for family and peers, which eventually led to being hired as an agent at a large travel corporation.

At 18, she graduated early from high school to work 80 hours a week in order afford her two month summer trip to Nicaragua and Puerto Rico. That was the trip that changed her life forever and her desire to explore was stronger than ever. So strong that she withdrew from her first semester at university and spent six months traveling alone through North America, South America, and the Caribbean.

She was given the nickname "TravelwithTaliya" because through social media others were able to live vicourously through her stories as she spoke about her raw experiences and taught others how to travel often, easier, and more affordably.

Taliya studied Hospitality & Tourism Management and has had experience working, volunteering, and living all over the world - but her most influential experience has been studying international business in Spain. It was during that program that she was inspired to curate a group travel company (originally TravelwithTaliya Group Trips). 

Her goal has always been to give those who wish to travel but do not have people to travel with, a more affordable and easy way to travel the world luxuriously. Due to her outgoing personality and wild persona, she continues to host group trips and plan operations. In addition, she is the former travel planner and show producer for one of the largest travel channels on YouTube - Passport Heavy - and 2021 Chicago TEDx Speaker.

Trust that you are in good care whenever you decide to take a T World Tour!