5 Netflix Series That Will Take You Around the World

5 Netflix Series That Will Take You Around the World

Has quarantine got you a little stir-crazy? Ready for some real adventures? We’ve taken the time to compile some Netflix travel favorites that you can watch right now. With highly immersive elements, these series are meant to educate and inspire.

Some recommendations are fictional, which makes way for dramatic plot lines and a charming casts of characters!

 1. Our Planet (documentary, nature)

This one here is a no-brainer. Prepare to fall in love as you indulge in the hypnotic sights and sounds of this very world we live in. This award-winning documentary educates viewers on the vast, endless bounty we were afforded by living here on Earth. It also expands on humans' social responsibility to live sustainably.

Attenborough's calming narration comes to Netflix in 2019 doc Our Planet |  Ars Technica

2. Street Food (docuseries, food)

This docuseries examines street food from all corners of the world, beginning with Asia and Latin America. Viewers are taken along the bustling avenues of vibrant, eclectic cities in order to examine the rich food culture that occupies many locals' daily lives. Be sure to watch on a full stomach, as the images showcased in this series are nothing short of tantalizing.

Street Food: Asia | Netflix Official Site

3. Carmen Sandiego (animated, action/adventure, drama)

This Emmy-nominated series is a remake of the popular 1991 television show, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Follow this globe-trotting femme fatale to various countries as she returns stolen treasure back to their rightful owners. All the while she elaborates on the cultural, political, and historical significance of each destination. Don't let the bright colors and upbeat animation fool you; this series is a must-see for travelers of all ages!

Carmen Sandiego (@CarmenSandiego) | Twitter

4. Ugly Delicious (docuseries, food)

Travel cooking series are popular -- for good reason. "Ugly Delicious" takes a look at foods from cultures in places you'd least expect. Despite the title, the show is about bridging barriers between people and being unafraid to explore and embrace unfamiliar things. 

Ugly Delicious | Netflix Official Site

5. Dark Tourist (docuseries, dark)

Take a look at the less-than savory side of travel with host David Farrier, as we explore locations that range from deeply unsettling to downright horrifying. Nevertheless, these destinations are no less crucial to the cultures and societies that they are part of. This series is a wonderful opportunity to delve into places largely unseen by vacationers and honeymooners.

Unpacking The Baggage of Netflix's “Dark Tourist” | DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD

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