Details on housing & activities in Colombia



  •  Huge 6 bedroom house with rooftop pool, indoor pool, and in-house jacuzzi - Our accomodation is right in the walled city, walking distance from everything! Like majority of group travel companies, all prices are based on double occupancy rooms. Each traveler will have their own individual bed, and roomate will be matched based on gender. 
  •  Welcome mixer at famous rooftop bar: Rooftops and terraces are popular in Cartagena, but we're going to the rooftop with the #1 viewpoint of the historic center and ocean to mingle and get to know eachother! (The first round of cocktails are included.)
  • Tour of the Rosario Islands - On our first full day, we kick off our vacation with a day trip to the Rosario Islands where we speedboat to 4 islands in 1 day! The Islands include: Isla Grandes, Playa Azul, Isla Barú, and Cholon - where we'll enjoy a mini party in the water where other boats pull up to blast music, dance, and serve drinks in the ocean. All Islands are known for their white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and incredible seafood! On each island you have time to relax and tan, read, or drink at the beach bars. 
  • Snorkeling Rosario National Park - Here we get to snorkel through colorful coral reefs and see all the diverse marine life Colombia's islands have to offer, upclose & personal.
  • Volcán de Lodo El Tumo (Mud Volcano) - Float in a mud bath in Cartagena's famous 50 ft. "Mud Volcano" known for its theraputic qualities. Due to mud's natural minerals; bathing in the volcano is proven to detoxify and tone skin, as well as absorb oil, exfoliate, and alleviate muscle and joint aches. You'll leave with the softest skin you've ever felt, and an experience like no other! (On site, you can also chose to receive a "mud massage" for only an extra $2!)
  • Chiva Party Bus - You didn't do cartagena if you didn't do a chiva bus! On the chiva we'll be able to cruise through the top attractions in the city while partying to good music, unlimited drinks, and colombian appetizers. At the end, us and the rest of the spring breakers we meet on the bus will get dropped off at a club to keep our night going. Don't drink? Just relax and enjoy the music, snacks, and great views!
  • Sunset Booze Cruise - Sail around Cartagena's bay to reaggaton, an open bar, and a colorful sunset. 
  • Pink Sea of Colombia (El Salar De Galerazamba) - Visit to the pink sea where the color was given by the great concentration of salt and organisims in the waters. 
    • Visit to Indigenous Colombian Village - Culturally immerse yourself as we're guided to museums and monuments to learn about the unique history of their native indians.
    • Free day - Enjoy time to yourself, or with your new friends -- and chose to either do your own exploring, book a walking tour, take a cooking class, shop, chill on rooftop pools, or relax on the beaches! ( At 5 p.m will be the sunset booze cruise)
    • Private breakfast chef - Breakfast will be cooked in-house by private chef based on dietary restrictions and allergies. That way we don't have to wake up even earlier to go get breakfast - & can save extra time to explore.
    • 2 Lunches - These two lunches will be provided within the tour. If you have dietary restrictions, we will be notified within the emergency contact form and plan accordingly.